Random Rambling With A Pinch of Fashion…(The Hat)

Hey guys! Long time no write huh? Sorry about that, it’s been so hard trying to figure out what to write about. After my first book review I realized how much I loved critiquing novels, but only novels I dislike very much and ones I ADORE. Of course after realizing this, the only books I’ve been reading are neutral books, books that are just…okay. Kinda like that movie you like but you wouldn’t see it for a second time? Yeah, something like that. The books that I’ve read were decent but they didn’t really blow my skirt up enough to … Continue reading Random Rambling With A Pinch of Fashion…(The Hat)

Eye Candy of The Day!!

Eye Candy of The Day, is Arab male model and my current muse, Omarion Ryan. Photos courtesy of Tumblr.  I came across Mr. Ryan a while back on Tumblr, but a recent article from BuzzFeed brought him back to me. Him and his beautiful face and admirable body. Now I’m desperately trying to figure out how I can use him. In my writing of course. How else right….? 😛 Anyways, you’re welcome. 😉 SP ❤ Besides his real name, what would be a good name for him as a hero in a romance novel? Continue reading Eye Candy of The Day!!

Eye Candy of The Day: Lord Godfrey!

🍬Godfrey Gao, Harper’s Bazaar One incessant fantasy I’ve had for a while now is meeting a guy so gorgeous, so unbelievably attractive inside and out, that people can’t fathom why he would be with someone like me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not an unattractive girl, but I’m not drop dead gorgeous either. Well, not in a traditional sense or by Hollywood standards but…I’m okay. **Shout out to low self-esteem!  Anyways, for some reason the thought of opposites attracting’ has always sort of been the light at the end of the tunnel for me when it comes to the thought of … Continue reading Eye Candy of The Day: Lord Godfrey!

My “Love/You Should Hire Me Because…” Letter To BuzzFeed!!

To whomever cares enough to read this letter, My name is Briana Shird, I’ am a Baltimore native and fortunately I have dreams way out of the limits of my hometown. I’ve been watching BuzzFeed videos for a while now and I’ am pleased to see that your videos go beyond hilarious and/or relatable skits. I won’t go on about how much I admire your work because that isn’t what this letter is about, not all of it anyways. This letter is in regards to the Office Coordinator position you have available in the San Francisco area, that I’ am … Continue reading My “Love/You Should Hire Me Because…” Letter To BuzzFeed!!

Another Sleepless Night…

Here I’ am, awake as if I don’t have to work in the morning. It’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I’ am up literally wrestling with my thoughts trying to get the bastards to shut up and let me sleep! I’ve been up watching YouTube and blogging and of course the thought of me starting a YouTube channel comes to mind and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Thinking of all of the reasons I should start my channel and all of the reasons why I’m too afraid to. It’s simply amazing how much power fear has over … Continue reading Another Sleepless Night…

First Book Review!

     Hello friends, today I will be sharing with you my very first book review. Lord knows I love a good book. If I could stay in the house and make a living off of reading and writing romance novels, I would be doing just that and living extremely comfortably. But alas,  like most, I have to work odd/depressing jobs before I make it in this dog eat cat world. Anyway, my love for reading and writing romance is what keeps me going and motivated. As an aspiring author I love reading novels, it’s kind of like I’m studying and perfecting … Continue reading First Book Review!