Teacher’s Pet

by: Briana Oru So recently I’ve been coming across a few photos of teachers that were far from what I had when I was in school. I mean these men are GORGEOUS. It should really be illegal to have men that fine teaching hormone ridden teens and/or adults. It’s probably a good thing none of my teachers were attractive since I most likely wouldn’t have gotten anything done. And when I say I wouldn’t have gotten anything done I mean I would probably still be in high school to this day. Anyways, it got me to thinking about this little … Continue reading Teacher’s Pet


by: Briana Oru After taking a hot shower and changing into pajama pants and a tank top, Lisa climbed into her queen-sized bed and let the thick comforter swallow her petite body. She snuggled in squeezing the cool mango colored blanket against her body, purring at the coolness against her skin. With the day finally behind her, Lisa was grateful to be off of her feet and in the peaceful confines of her spacious three bedroom apartment. As she slowly drifted away a knock at the door brought her back to reality along with an attitude. Of course getting a … Continue reading Troubled


His body language, the way he moved his hands, he seemed so passionate about what he was talking about. So much so that I wanted to walk over and join in on the seemingly deep discussion, but I know my limits. The farther away I’am from attractive men the less chance I have in embarrassing myself. I still couldn’t pull my eyes away though. It’s like he was trying to paint a picture for his friend with those big, beautiful, masculine hands of his. Lord I would love to see how those hands feel all over my body…No! Continue reading Model-Like

Supernatural Fan-Fic

by: Briana Oru Watching him search the dark candlelit room for me brought a different type of feeling to my soul. Something I’ve never felt before, something I couldn’t describe even if I wanted to. He was a gorgeous man with long chestnut tinted hair, the height and body of a (dare I say) Greek god, and the heart of a saint. Easy to fall for if I’m not careful. Especially with the current “sex hair” style he was sporting at the moment. “You looking for me?” I ask walking into the room with the large button up I borrowed from … Continue reading Supernatural Fan-Fic