“Good Girl Gone Bad”

Rihanna for “ELLE” US, outtake. (December 2014 Issue) She looks kind of “innocent” in a way in the all white dress, at the same time showing off her tattoos and a little cleavage with a facial expression that I can’t even describe; the title only seemed right for this photo…and of course it’s the name of one of her earlier albums so that’s fun as well. Can this woman ever take a bad photo?? *smooches* -SP ❤ Continue reading “Good Girl Gone Bad”

Rihanna’s ‘Jaws’ Debut

Rihanna, Harper’s Bazaar March ’15 covers and spread Ph. Norman Jean Roy Rihanna paying homage to the “iconic” movie (to some) ‘Jaws’. This is probably the only thing that makes me a fan of anything concerning that series but hey… She’s gorgeous as usual, the photos are magnificent and that outfit is life. *does a standing ovation* -S.P. ❤ Continue reading Rihanna’s ‘Jaws’ Debut