Random Rambling With A Pinch of Fashion…(The Hat)

Hey guys! Long time no write huh? Sorry about that, it’s been so hard trying to figure out what to write about. After my first book review I realized how much I loved critiquing novels, but only novels I dislike very much and ones I ADORE. Of course after realizing this, the only books I’ve been reading are neutral books, books that are just…okay. Kinda like that movie you like but you wouldn’t see it for a second time? Yeah, something like that. The books that I’ve read were decent but they didn’t really blow my skirt up enough to … Continue reading Random Rambling With A Pinch of Fashion…(The Hat)

Another Sleepless Night…

Here I’ am, awake as if I don’t have to work in the morning. It’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I’ am up literally wrestling with my thoughts trying to get the bastards to shut up and let me sleep! I’ve been up watching YouTube and blogging and of course the thought of me starting a YouTube channel comes to mind and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Thinking of all of the reasons I should start my channel and all of the reasons why I’m too afraid to. It’s simply amazing how much power fear has over … Continue reading Another Sleepless Night…

Wasted Opportunity

Basically. 😧 I’m in my mind palace, as one of my favorite British detectives would put it. It’s a rainy day and I have nothing to do but stay in the house and dwell on all of my past mistakes. And the things I could’ve done better. These are the kind of thoughts I usually have late at night but since there’s nothing to keep my mind occupied at the moment…here we are.  Of course there are a lot of things we wish we could’ve done differently if given another chance right? For me it’s college. I went to college … Continue reading Wasted Opportunity

My Dapper Obsession

I absolutely ADORE bow ties! I love them with everything in me! I don’t know why, I don’t where this obsession came from but I don’t think I’ll be able to date someone without seeing them in a bow tie, at least once. Is that weird? Almost anybody can pull them off, I think. -SP ❤ Photo Source Continue reading My Dapper Obsession

TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG! *Fashion Blog Edition*

My major in college before switching over to Digital Photography was Fashion Design. Some might find that hard to believe since I don’t dress nor act the part of someone in that industry. Now I know all people who are fashion enthusiasts are not snobby, stuck-up, and two-faced but most of the people in my classes, in the Hollywood area period, were; which was one of the reasons why I switched majors. Not because I was intimidated by my peers, most certainly not. But because I didn’t feel right there. I felt like I was completely different from everyone else, I … Continue reading TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG! *Fashion Blog Edition*

The Origin of Silently Passionate

So I’ve been going back and forth with myself and a good friend of mine about what this blog should be about and what it should pertain. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t just pick one thing! and I know that’s the whole thing with having a blog is to have it be about a specific topic but as I’ve stated in the About Author section I am passionate and intrigued about a variety of different things. I love writing, photography, painting, art in general, men’s fashion, etc. I can’t just pick one thing and that’s where my … Continue reading The Origin of Silently Passionate

Black Superheroes?! *screams*

Judging by the photos featured [courtesy of Tumblr], clearly this is going be an interesting topic about comics and superheroes or what have you. I’ll cover just a little because I’m not a comic book nerd or connoisseur, so I can’t rant for hours on the subject, but I will talk about the little that I’ve researched and go from there. So by now I’m sure you all have heard or maybe you haven’t, she’s kind of irrelevant nowadays unless she’s in the club with some big name, but that’s neither here nor there. TMZ will ask anyone questions for controversy and they got it this time. … Continue reading Black Superheroes?! *screams*