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Random Rambling With A Pinch of Fashion…(The Hat)

Hey guys! Long time no write huh? Sorry about that, it's been so hard trying to figure out what to write about. After my first book review I realized how much I loved critiquing novels, but only novels I dislike very much and ones I ADORE. Of course after realizing this, the only books I've [...]

Rihanna’s ‘Jaws’ Debut

Rihanna, Harper's Bazaar March '15 covers and spread Ph. Norman Jean Roy Rihanna paying homage to the "iconic" movie (to some) 'Jaws'. This is probably the only thing that makes me a fan of anything concerning that series but hey... She's gorgeous as usual, the photos are magnificent and that outfit is life. *does a [...]

Today’s Fashion Inspiration

Rihanna dawning a gorgeous green, ribbon embellished number from Adam Selman's Fall 2015 collection at a Press Conference for her new animated movie, Home. My Thoughts: I've always loved dresses like this, its kinda got that 3D effect going but not quite. And the matching sweater, YEEES!! Now usually I hate when everything matches in an [...]

She’s the Perfect Gentleman!!

I can't wait until I can wear a three piece suit just like this one; with either some Wingtips, Oxfords, or Chucks. I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!! Who says women can't be or dress like gentlemen?! Eff gender roles!! I do what I want, wear what I want, be WHO THE EFF I WANT!!! 😎 Photo courtesy [...]