Eye Candy of The Day!

Sorry for the lack of posts yous guys. I haven't forgotten about you! I've started my online classes so that's been hell. I'm starting a new job and I'm trying to plan my next move as far as school and life, so obviously there's a lot going on. But I didn't want to go too long [...]


Eye Candy of The Day: Blue Gaze

Opening Statement: I know it's been a long while since I've posted anything on here, but if you miss me more than you can manage, then go check out my Tumblr, SilentlyPassionate-X, which I am on just about every day. As well as my new YouTube channel SilentlyPassionate.X, I haven't posted any videos yet and I won't until [...]

Eye Candy of The Day: Lord Godfrey!

🍬Godfrey Gao, Harper's Bazaar One incessant fantasy I've had for a while now is meeting a guy so gorgeous, so unbelievably attractive inside and out, that people can't fathom why he would be with someone like me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an unattractive girl, but I'm not drop dead gorgeous either. Well, [...]

Eye Candy of The Day: All Hail King Arthur!!

L'Officiel Hommes Middle East Ph. Greg Vaughan Our Eye Candy of The Day is a pleasantly familiar face, male model Arthur Kulkov featured in the February 2015, Middle East edition of L'Officiel Hommes.   Photo Source here. Relatable Posts Featuring Arthur: Staying Within The Lines Eye Candy of The Day! *Muah!* Eye Candy of The [...]

Eye Candy of The Day! My Sean! <3

Sean O’Pry, Vogue Hommes International #16 - Fall/Winter 2012/2013 From the ‘Le Fils de sa Mère’ series Ph. Kurt Markus Because I haven't done Eye Candy in a while and Sean just seems like the perfect little treat. Hope you draw just as much inspiration from this photo as I have because Lord knows... -S.P. ❤

Eye Candy of The Day!! *B-More*

Sorry for the spam yous guys [laughs]. I LOVE sharing photos with y'all, especially of gorgeous male models. 😉 And speaking of which today's Eye Candy of The Day is Baltimore-native Noah Mills! The fact that someone so gorgeous and sweet was raised in my hometown ALMOST makes me feel proud of being born and [...]