About The Author

Hello all, my name is Briana and I am an aspiring writer trying to put my toe in the world of erotic/romantic literature. This blog is my way of building a fan base as well as getting over my fear of letting people read my writing. Like most, I don’t like to be judged but I figure since that’ll most likely happen anyways I mind as well do what I want even if I am terrified of the outcome, whether it’s what I want or not. I named my blog Silently Passionate because I have a passion for a lot of things, things people close to me don’t know about because I don’t want to seem like someone who wants to do all of these things yet I’m still where I am. So I keep my thoughts and interests to myself and work hard to reach my goals. I’m very proud of my name for the simple fact that it describes me perfectly in every way and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. On my blog you will see my writing as well as my photography and other things I will inform you about; my blog will consist of a lot of things because like I said I am passionate about a plethora of things and it will show in my daily posts. Please note that none of the photos displayed are mine unless otherwise stated. I am extremely excited to go on this journey and grow with you all so I hope you stick around and enjoy. 🙂


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