Keep Moving Forward!


Hey yous guys! Sorry for my absence once again. :/ It’s been a rough couple of months. I think I mentioned in a previous post how I was working on going back to school and my goal was to go (onsite) in June, AND how I HOPE nothing is going to stop me this time.
Well, it’s June and I am still in Maryland with no packed bags or a plane ticket.
I don’t have the funds to go on campus this semester either, so I’m taking the Summer off to attempt to save enough money so I can actually go in the Fall, that semester starts in September so I don’t have too long of a ways to go.
I got a job at a local dollar store as a cashier, getting paid minimum wage so I’m not too confident that I will make the money I need by September, and while I’m not extremely happy with my mental state, it could be worse. But I’m getting there.
I have my moments, like today, where I want to slide a razor across my skin once again, just to rid myself of the thoughts and disappointment, but I can’t do that. I have goals and dreams I want to see come to fruition so I have to be strong enough to keep myself going and see good things happen. I NEED to see that life is more than just these headaches and disappointments. I have to feel what happiness is before I leave this earth.
So I’m pushing on, trying to find the positives in negative situations. I’m going to film a video for my YouTube channel soon and see how that goes! If you would like to follow my YouTube channel and be the first to see the beginning of my new, very terrifying journey, then make sure you subscribe, SilentlyPassionate.X. 🙂
I’ve also created a GoFundMe to hopefully raise money for the remaining balance of my tuition, link here. Please spread the word, I would appreciate it more than you know!

Thank you for your patience and support. See you soon!

S.P. ❤


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