Life Update!!

Hi all!

This is just a quick update. At the moment I am still trying to go back to school, so I’m going through that excruciating process. I might’ve gotten my hopes up a little too soon, even though everything seemed to be going great: I was on top of everything, I did what I was told without procrastinating which says a lot since I am the Queen of procrastinating, literally, I have a crown. It’s invisible but it’s there.

Anyways, I guess what I can do with this blog while it’s slowly transitioning into the blog I want it to be, is to post daily or weekly updates on what’s happening in my life; and my journey to making it worth living.

Like I said, at the moment, I am working on going back to school. If I’m lucky, I will start online classes the beginning of February before going on campus some time in June, so…..fingers crossed!

Any questions or what have you, feel free to leave them below or e-mail me. Thanks!!

Yours truly,

S.P. ❤


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